We are local women from around the world who promote global understanding
through friendship.
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From the 2018-2019 President

January 2019

My Dear TBI Sisters:

As TBI continues to grow, our goal to expand events for smaller, more intimate groups is developing nicely. In 2018 we held porch parties, “ladies who lunch” gatherings, happy hours, outings to museums, wineries, galleries. And we’re just getting started. If you have an idea for an excursion or event, step up and get involved; it’s what makes our club GREAT!

Monthly Spotlight Luncheons will prevail, along with more partner-included evenings. Annual favorites will continue: the Tea where we show off our finest millinery creations, our Fashion Show starring club members strutting their stuff, and the now-infamous Holiday Luncheon where we share quirky holiday customs.

I’m SO proud to be President of TBI. What an amazing group of women. And remember, we form our friendships through understanding…… and gain understanding through our friendships.

Heather Rush
TBI President

History of Tampa Bay International (TBI) Club

Tampa Bay International (TBI) started as Welcome to Tampa Bay International (WTBI) club; an affiliate of Welcome Clubs International (WCI). WCI originated in Washington DC 25+ years ago to address and support the many spouses of US-based international officials who often returned to their respective countries after their US residency without ever having made American friends. Affiliated clubs have appeared in many cities throughout the US and abroad.

Our founder Padmini Durr was a longtime member of the Welcome to Denver International Club. After moving to the Tampa Bay area with her husband, she wanted to establish a local women’s club with an international framework and created Welcome to Tampa Bay International.

Our club has grown significantly under the leadership of several presidents. As we grew larger, we changed our focus to the Tampa Bay area and changed our name to Tampa Bay International, or TBI.

10 Year Anniversary Video

"As a founder of this club, my message and wish for the 10th anniversary of our club is very simple. I would like that our club grows with the goal of developing friendship and cooperation among women of all nations and together promoting our Tampa Bay area, our current home.

As I have lived and traveled in many countries, my best memories are those related to the direct contacts I had made with local women who had opened their homes and hearts to us. International Women’s club in Geneva and Chicago, “Cross-Roads” in Chicago, “Sister Cities International” and Genevieve Fiore’s “UNESCO Chapter” in Denver, were all International friendship clubs that had inspired me. I found that beyond traditions, religions and customs, we all are sisters and should look out for each other."

- Padmini Durr