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Corona Virus and TBI Response

Our reality has changed quickly, and with the rest of the country TBI is responding. We are suspending our activities during this crisis to ensure safety for our members. We will resume “business as usual" when the threat has passed.

It’s a scary time, with personal isolation as the safest avenue to prevent infection. That doesn’t meet the human needs we have to connect with other people, though. We are tribal beings. As a rule, we do best in community.

Thankfully, we have technological tools in place to help us stay connected. TBI is a community and to stay connected we’ve instituted a new Forum section on the website.

A forum is discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. You can find the TBI Forum as a tab in the top menu bar.

It’s easy to enroll in the Forum:

  • Click the Register tab in the Forum menu bar. A registration form launches.
  • Enter the name you’d like to be known as in the Forums (I chose SherryRehm)

  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click Register
  • A validation email is sent to your email box. Access your personal email and click the link.
  • Success! You are a newly registered forum member.

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‘This is what 70 looks like’:

the new generation of beauty influencers

By Candice Pires, The Guardian
Tricia Cusden: ‘The beauty industry, like the fashion industry, designs for the perfect form – young skin.’ Photograph: Phil Fisk/The Observer

For years, the beauty blogging scene has been dominated by 20-something women in their bedrooms sharing their favourite products and techniques. Now, a new crop of beauty bloggers in their 60s and 70s are getting behind their laptop cameras to share the beauty hacks that work for them. Fighting the stereotypes of being seen as “old ladies”, they’re demanding the attention that the beauty industry has denied them.

Tricia Cusden, 70, London

I decided to take on the beauty industry as a political act. It might sound grandiose but I’ve always loved make-up and in my 60s I felt angry with the industry and wanted to disrupt it. Casual ageism is rife. I was gobsmacked when Dior announced that Cara Delevingne was going to be the face of their new anti-aging products. She’s 25. The outrage should have been loud but hardly anyone batted an eyelid. The industry language of “anti-aging” is profoundly insulting. Adding that phrase to any product tells me, as a woman who is 70, that I must do everything in my power to stop this natural process.

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We also encourage and comfort our members in time of challenge. If you are aware of any such need please contact Evelyn Baran, TBI Secretary, via email.

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