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Women Who Make America – Women in Hollywood

16 January @ 1:30 PM

Women In Hollywood showcases the women of showbiz, from the earliest pioneers to present-day power players, as they influence the creation of one of the country’s biggest commodities: entertainment. In the silent movie era of Hollywood, women wrote, directed and produced, plus there were over twenty independent film companies run by women. That changed when Hollywood became a profitable industry. The absence of women behind the camera affected the women who appeared in front of the lens. Because men controlled the content, they created female characters based on classic archetypes: the good girl and the fallen woman, the virgin and the whore. The women’s movement helped loosen some barriers in Hollywood.

Audiences hear from actress-producer-activist Jane Fonda; television powerhouse Shonda Rhimes, who created Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal; screenwriter Linda Woolverton, who re-imagined the traditional Disney princess by making Belle (Beauty and the Beast) a self-possessed, strong-willed young woman; writer-director-actress Lena Dunham, who mines comedy and drama gold by exploring what it’s really like to be a young woman today; Sarah Jessica Parker, star of Sex in the City; and six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close. Produced by Rory Kennedy with Producer/Director Linda Goldstein Knowlton.

Narrated by Julia Roberts.


Please RSVP HERE if you’d like to attend the session. The session will be in the Board Room of the Bayfront Towers, on the 28th floor.